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Before Creating a Deal

Important Considerations

Before creating a Deal in DealerTrack, review these important considerations to avoid error messages and warnings.
Required Information on Sales Up

The Sales Up must contain several pieces of information for this process to function.

  • There must be a Salesperson 1 
  • There must be an F&I Manager 
  • There must be a Desired Vehicle  
  • There must be a Customer Account 
Tutorial Video: Each employee assigned to the Sales Up must be unique. 

Location Object

Each dealership location within DealerTrack is defined with a separate authentication setting. In order for the 'DealerTrack Deal Create' button to function on the Sales Up record, the Location object within DealerTeam must be properly setup by the System Administrator. Learn how to add a location.     

Employee Numbers

Each User that is attached to the Sales Up, including Salesperson 1, F&I Manager, and BDC Rep, must have their Employee Number set within DealerTeam. Employee Numbers can be located and/or added by the user or the system administrator. All Employee Numbers are unique and must match the Salesperson ID in DealerTrack.

Desired Vehicle

A Desired Vehicle must be set on the Sales Up. To create a Deal, the Stock Number and VIN of the Desired Vehicle must match the existing vehicle within DealerTrack. The Desired Vehicle and any Trade-Ins associated with the Sales Up, must have an odometer reading set.