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Push a New Deal to DealerTrack DMS


Learn How to create a Deal from a Sales Up while simultaneously pushing the Deal to DealerTrack DMS.  


Tutorial Video: Push a New Deal to DealerTrack DMS 

First Step 

Begin by opening the Sales Up record for which you wish to create a deal. Click the DealerTrack Deal Create button, located at the top of the Sales Up.

DealerTrack create button

Second Step 

The Confirmation Page will display the Customer, Vehicle, and Sales Up Information. Read over the information closely to ensure the details are correct. 

You will be alerted if any necessary information is missing, for example Customer or F&I Manager. To return to the Sales Up record click the "Cancel" button. 

deal create confirmation page

Click the Create Deal button.

A loading screen will be displayed while the Deal is being processed. 

Load screen display

Third Step 

The Deal Create process will display the results. Depending on information from the Sales Up a few options are possible.


Option A: Success 

The Deal number and the Customer's External ID will be displayed. Click on the "View Deal" button to view the Deal, or "Cancel" to return to the Sales Up.Deal is a success


Option B: Multiple Customer Matches 

Multiple Customer matches were found in the DMS. Either the Customer or the Co-Buyer matched multiple customers in the DMS. Carefully look over each Customer's information and click the Select Existing Customer button for the correct customer to attach to the Deal.

When the DMS returns existing customers that DO NOT match, click the Create New Customer button to continue.  

Matching Customers in the DMS will require the user to pick the matching customer or create a new one   

NOTE: If both the Customer (Buyer) and the Co-Buyer match multiple customers in the DMS,  you will be directed to select the desired Customer, and then again to select the desired Co-Buyer.

Once the desired customer has been selected, note the External ID for the customer is now populated on the confirmation page. They can now be added to the deal.  

Click the Create Deal button again.

external ID set for selected customer


Option C: Error 

An error occurred, and the Deal Create failed. The cause of the error will be displayed. Click "Cancel" to return to the Sales Up. Correct the cause of the error, and try again.

results in error messages will display


If the error message continues after multiple changes to the Sales Up or to related records, Read through these Important Considerations.

Still no luck? Contact your DealerTeam Administrator for assistance .