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Miscellaneous Charge Codes


Misc Charge Codes have a few different ways that they can be utilized, The Simplest and Most basic would be to add Shop Supplies to a Service Estimate . You can add Misc Charge Codes from the Location Screen. Each Charge Code you add is only functional within that Location. Here is a Screen cap of the Misc Charge Code Entry Screen:

  • In this case We created a Misc Charge Code titled “ Shop Supplies” The name does need to be unique per the location but otherwise it is pretty open.
  • Next is the Description, This will print out on customer invoices so be careful of your wording, this is forward facing
  • The Location will be set up as the store that you entered from.
  • The Active Check Box needs to be checked in order for the Charges to accumulate.
  • The Applicable Pay Types are Critical, You can set up multiple Rules to charge different Rates (again you will need a unique Name) or you can have one rule for all pay types that is the Same. For this example we are only going to charge this Charge Code in the case of Customer Pay Job Lines.
  • The Base Charge, This section has 4 options, You can tailor when your Charge code Executes by changing this, The basic function is that if you add a qualifying part or Labor to your repair order it will automatically trigger based on the Criteria you select. Your Options are:
    • Labor Sale
    • Labor Cost
    • Parts Sale
    • Parts Cost
  • The Percentage Based Amount will be the factor you charge based on, In this example we will be charging 5% of the Labor Dollars charged on an SRO or SE as a Shop Supply Charge.
  • The Flat Amount Box can be utilized as well with The Same Base Charge Triggers, but it will be a flat figure that you enter for each job line that contains a qualifying Expense.
  • The Maximum Charge Field is a cap that you can set, This is not the Max per Repair Order, But it is the Max Per Job Line on an Estimate or Service Repair Order.
  • The Taxable Check Box Will apply Sales Tax to the Misc Charge Code amount as long as the Location Record is set to respect the Misc Charge Code Record. If it is set to All it will charge tax regardless of the Check box, if it is set to None it will not charge Tax at all.