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Control Tax Settings via the Account Record


Set the Tax Exempt checkbox from the Account to control when tax is exempt by default on Service Estimates, Service Repair Orders and Parts Invoices.

Things for the Admin to consider:

  • If users don't see the Tax Exempt Fields check the FLS settings and Page Layouts for the related Object.
  • To control different Invoice Types separately you can change the default value of each field through Object Manager.
  • A Validation rule is recommended on the Account to require a Tax ID number when the Tax Exempt field is selected.
  • Users can add a scanned copy of a Tax Exempt Form as Attachments to the Account record for document access. 

The Tax Exempt Checkbox 

This feature was originally designed to manually disable the system from adding taxes to Job lines on Service Repair Order and Service Estimate. 

You can now select the Tax Exempt checkbox on the Account record to automatically update the Tax Exempt checkbox on Repair Orders and Service Estimates. The benefits to creating default tax-exempt Accounts:

  • Simplifies non-taxable customer transactions
  • Reduce errors 
  • Predictable Tax exemptions for end-users


Example: the Tax Exempt checkbox on a Repair Order

Tax Exempt Check Box on a Repair Order.png


Note: The Tax Exempt check box does not change any location-specific Tax Rules for Parts, Labor, or Misc. Charges. It simply overrides the tax rules for your location so they do not process. 


Step One: Navigate to an Account Record 

The Tax Exempt checkbox is blank and transactions for this Account will follow the default Tax settings.

To activate the Tax Exempt feature: 

  1. Select the Tax Exempt checkbox on the Account. 
  2. The checkbox on Service Repair Orders and Parts Invoices will now automatically populate, resulting in no tax charges on the customer's invoice. 

To collect tax on a specific invoice for any reason you can always manually deselect the Tax Exempt checkbox on the SRO or Estimate.


Account Tax Exempt Check Box.png