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How Internet Leads are Processed


This is the Process of how the internet leads are parsed into DealerTeam. 

Attention Users,
Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Lightning Experience or Classic.


Lightning: App Launcher>CRM Settings>Internet Lead Management System.

Classic: All Tabs>CRM Settings>Internet Lead Management System.

  • In the Internet Lead Management System settings make sure the ILM (Internet Lead Manager) No Duplicates are enabled.
  • ILM Duplicate Time Period can be adjusted to how long you would like to have a new Sales Up created based on the created date on the current Sales Up.

Enable ILM settings, and set a time for when you would like to have a new SalesUp created.

Step 1.

An email comes in from your website or third party lead generators in the ADF Auto-Lead Dealer Format.  If it is not in ADF it will be discarded. If it is in the correct format it will read the ADF and Collect the information and search for a match in DealerTeam.  The information it will collect is Customer, Vehicle of interest, Trade, Source, and  Finance information if included.

New email coming from your website, is it in ADF format


Step 2.

Account Matching Criteria, DealerTeam will search for an existing account in the system to be sure not to create a duplicate account.

  • It will search for the last name and also has to match one of the following, Email, Cell Phone, Day Phone, or First Name.
  • If it can not find a match it will create a new account and a Sales Up and record the data.  
  • If it finds a match it will update the current account based on Settings above.


DealerTeam will check for duplicate accounts before creating SalesUp


Step 3.

Sales Up.

  • If customer email or buyer contact and the status of the Sales Up is Open it will find a match. In this case, DelerTeam will create a new desk log in the system and create a closed task for the current Sales Up owner.
  • Then it will notify the Salesperson 1 on Sales Up by way of email and an internal Chatter. 
  • If there is not a match DealerTeam will create a Sales Up and a Desk Log / Traffic log.   


Screenshot 2018-08-23 16.07.47.png

Step 4.

Does Queue Exist?

  • A queue can be set up to have a number of salespeople to look at the queue and be able to add their name and this will change the account owner also? 
  • This can also be set up for a number of salespeople to have a round-robin that will rotate who will get the Sales Up and can automatically assign a salesperson to the Sales Up. 

Is Queue set up? or you can set a round robin for a chosen number of salespeople.


Full Flow Chart

Internet Leads Flow Chart





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