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How to add Users to a Location


DealerTeam allows dealerships with multiple roof tops to keep track of each location separately.  Once a location has been added, learn how to assign users.

After reading this article you will be able to

  • Navigate to Location User
  • Add a User to a Location as a System Admin
  • Change a Location as a User


This tutorial requires orgs to have created locations. To learn how to add a location click here  

Attention Users,
Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Salesforce Classic

Step One:  Navigate to Dealer Location User

 1. Click the All tabs +  icon 

all tabs + find Locations in available tabs

 2. Click Locations 


 3. Click on the desired Location


 4. Click the New Dealer Location User button


Step Two: Adding the User

  1. Click the look-up icon to search for available Users to assign to the location
  2. Click the desired user Name
  3. Click Save



Note: The User will now be assigned to the Location.


Step Three: Changing a Location as a User

  1. Click the Change button on the My Dealership widget 


 2. Click the Select button next to the desired Location


Note: Error will appear if user has not been added to a location and attempts to select that location using the My Dealership widget.  

Location error message when a user has not been added to a dealership location