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Reset DealerTeam Documentation Password


Reset a users password in Dealerteams's help documentation.

After reading this article you will be able to reset the password for the DealerTeam documentation site.


Note: You must be a System Administrator or Delegated Administrator to perform this function and you must have the username of password you wish to reset.


Reset the Password

  1. Navigate to in the web browser.
  2. Click Team Login.

1 Reset DT Doc PW- Team Login.png


  1. Select the Password reset tab.
  2. Enter Username.
  3. Click Password reset.

2 Reset DT Doc PW- Password Reset.png


After you click Password reset a message will appear...

3 Reset DT Doc PW- Password Reset message.png


  1. Go to the email associated with the account.
  2. Click the reset Click here link.

4 Reset DT Doc PW- email.png


  1. Enter <New Password>.
  2. Confirm <New Password>.
  3. Click the Password reset button.

5 Reset DT Doc PW- reset.png