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Parts Department Feature Overview

Parts Management

Parts Inventory

Parts Master
The part master controls part definitions across multiple parts inventories.   Component of the parts master include supersession, price tape updates, catalog images as well as barcode definitions. 
Part Inventory
Each store location can contain it's own parts inventory.  The inventory record must be controlled by a location.  Each record defines a part that is or has been in-stock or requisitioned at one time.
Inventory Search
All fields on the parts record are searchable and can be located in the global search.
Part History
The part record contains a history table that shows all purchase, sales and adjustment events on the part.
FIFO / LIFO / Serialized Cost Table
Each part has a table recording the transaction of serialized parts purchase and sales events.  
Cross-Location Parts Search
If granted access, parts can be searched in cross location inventories allowing other parts managers to view the larger inventory on a specific part.
Automated Stock Order
Parts orders can be created automatically based on the sale of a part that meets the re-order criteria.
Emergency Orders
For parts that are sold and need to be order immediately, an emergency order can be created.
Return to Vendor
Process vendor returns using this feature.  Easily create and return a part to the vendor it was purchased from against the originating purchase order.  The cost of the part reflects the original purchase price.
Physical Inventory 
Perform physical inventory on your parts inventory.  The physical can be processed using a variety of approaches.  Each physical contains 7 steps.

Parts Invoicing

Parts Invoice
Sell Parts over the counter to a B2C or B2B consumer.  Wholesale transactions can be created against a company using a specific parts price level.
Parts Quote
Generate and save a Parts Quote allowing you to easily follow-up and sell the part at a later date.

Purchase Orders

Parts Purchase Orders
Create parts purchase orders to vendors.  Each line on the PO can contain reference to service or parts sales invoice data.  ETA, Tracking and Shipping Method can easily be recorded directly in the Purchase Order.
Email Purchase Order to Vendor
The parts purchase order can easily be sent to the vendor as an attachment.
Miscellaneous Purchase Orders
Create purchase orders for miscellaneous expenses.  Examples could be shop supplies or other related purchase events.

Reporting and Dashboards

Template Service Reports
The service department application comes with pre-built reports providing a template to extend or build you own custom reports upon.
Report Builder
Use the report builder to build custom drag and drop reports.  All of the fields on each business object can be included in the report allowing for significant reporting capabilities.  
Drill Down Reporting
The output of each report contains links to the source records that make up the report.
Scheduled Report Delivery
Deliver reports on a specified schedule to end users.  This allows the distribution of managed information to those who need it.  
Graphs and Charts
Each report type can include a graphical representation of the data.
Export to Excel / Printable View
Reports can be exported.  The export can be performed to include all data in an excel style format, or a printable view.
Dashboard Builder
Empower your employees and hold them accountable with Dashboards.  The dashboard builder allows you to display large amounts of information in a single dashboard.  The dashboard builder uses reports to provide context to each dashboard component.  These components are drill down capable to the source report.
Schedule Delivery of Dashboards
Dashboards can be scheduled to be emailed to one or more individuals in the organization.