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Getting Started in the Parts Department

Parts Introduction

Learn the about part objects and how they work.


Note: There are a lot more features that we will not address in this session but for extra credit here is a path to the Parts Department Feature Overview.


Parts Master

This is the record of all the parts that you can possibly have.  Consider this to be the "Master List" Each locations local inventory will reference the Parts Master. 


Parts Record

This will be the local (store level) record of a part controlled by the parts master.


Parts Kit

This will be a collection of parts, labor and any other charges that your Sales Team can sell on a deal.


Parts Supersession

Once you find out there is an upgraded part and the old part number is obsolete this is how to address it


What's Next

We will reference the Creation of a Parts Master first and then we will transition to the local store level and go through the features of the Parts Record. There are a lot more functions that you can use but these will be the key things you need to master in order to go through your daily tasks. Some of the features outlined here may not be utilized in your organization currently. Remember you can always return to the Success Community at a later date to review any of these things once you are done.