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Daily Parts Order

The Daily Parts order seems like a Small thing, But if you use it properly it can make your parts department much more efficient, Take a look and see how it works and learn some things to help your team. 

To Start with what is a Daily Parts Order? It's pretty simple really there is background logic present in the DealerTeam Code that creates a Daily Parts Order automatically when there is a parts Line that is created that has a requested quantity greater than the on hand quantity for the location. Talk about a run on Sentence! To make it simple, Any time a Parts or service user tries to sell a part, or a quantity of a part, that there is not enough on hand in you store it logs in the Daily parts Order. Think of it as a running list of things that need to be ordered. So the creation is pretty simple Now lets take a look at how they work.

DPO 2.png

On the Details page, there is some important info to break down. Mainly the Company Name and the Date Ordered, By default the system will create your daily order in an incomplete status with the following naming convention, (Store Number from Location Record) + Todays Date. Pretty simple right! Now if you head over the the related list this is where the fun happens:

DPO 3.png

Now at first this may look a bit weird, Here you have two Parts Orders showing up there. And if you wanted to process them individually you could, But of course what fun would that be! On the Top Right you can Create a new Purchase order from this screen:

DPO 5.png

This is where it gets interesting, You will notice the parts that are on order, the quantity ordered is the amount currently in a negative status on the part. If you check the Blue check mark it will add or not add parts to the purchase order that you are about to create. Remember if you have items that you order from different vendors you can always come back into the Daily parts order and create another Purchase order, We will get to that in a minute. Go ahead and Select the Create Purchase Order button:

DPO 6.png

This is the Standard Purchase Order Screen, It should look pretty familiar, If you need to review it you can go  to Create a Purchase Order and review the standard functions. One thing to note, You can't add additional parts to a Daily Parts Order Based PO. This will tie back directly to the Parts Invoice or the Service Repair Order, for this reason you can only order parts on those orders, For Stocking orders you will have to make a separate PO. Go ahead and Save the PO that you created and go back into your Daily parts order to see what that related screen looks like now:

DPO 7.png

As you can see the Purchase order for any of the lines that we already ordered shows up in the Related List, So if we went in to try and create an additional Purchase Order for another vendor those will already be taken care of. One other great thing for communication and efficiency with your Service Team is that the Purchase Order number that you just created is automatically added the the Service Job Line for any of the parts that they needed.

DPO 8.png

So the key thing to remember here is that the Parts User responsible for monitoring parts can log into the Daily parts order at any time during the day, or once a day, or at a time interval. It is up to your team to determine what works. If you look at the above example you could say that the part that we did not order was from a vendor that we know has an order cut off time of 3:00 PM. In this case If I am the parts user I am not going to process any Purchase Orders for that vendor till after 2:00 PM. In that way I can cut down on the number of PO's that are issued and more importantly on the Freight Charges that my location will accrue when we order. 

The Daily Parts Order is Location Specific

The Daily Parts Order is completely automated

The Daily Parts Order is automatically updated when the Purchase order is received.