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Advanced Parts Department Features

Your inventory is a tool, Learn how to maximize your investment in parts and have the right number of parts on hand at the right time to keep your Technicians moving.


After completing this section you will have a better understanding of how to use the Dealerteam system to maximize the efficiency of your parts department. 

Parts Management

Seems kind of strange to call it management? After this perhaps you can start to think of your parts department and the parts you stock as a tool to make you and your team more profitable and have to have less down time waiting for parts to arrive. Right now your department is more than likely stuck in a reactive loop: the service department tells you they need something to complete a job. You (if your lucky) have the part they need and give it to them. Often times you have to order the part that they are looking for and you have to process a purchase order and pay shipping charges on one part that needs to be ordered. Sure you can bill the customer for the shipping but your time is just lost. Before we go to far out in the weeds have a quick look at what is contained in the Parts Record.

So what to do? Well you can try to create a spread sheet and track what you have sold over the last few months, analyze how often you order parts, and how long they stay on your shelf, or you can use the reporting function of Dealerteam do the heavy lifting for you. If you are not familiar with the reporting functions you can spend a few minutes on the Salesforce Trailhead. Some of the reports can be found in your reporting tab from your dashboard:


If you do not see the Reports tab you can see all the available sections by hitting the + sign and selecting it from the list. Open the tab and select the Parts Department Folder from the column on the right.


So you have a lot of new data now we can drill into a specific part and really use the information we gathered to make some changes to the Store level Parts record. Head over to the Parts Tab and select the part we want to look into. You can choose from the recent parts tab or use the Global Search tab:


Open the part and lets Look at what factors are correct and what factors need to be addressed.


This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this how-to.