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Add a New Part to your Local Inventory


Add a new part inventory in a specific store to allow the location to catalog the on-hand amounts of the part.

Before adding a new part to your local inventory you will need to have the Parts Master record created.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to the parts master record
  • Add a new part to location


Step One: Navigate to the Parts Master Record

  1. Click the App Launcher icon.

Add a New Part- App Launcher.png


  1. Enter Parts Master in the search area.
  2. Click the Parts Master link.

Add a New Part- Type and click parts master.png


  1. Click the Part Number of the part you wish to add to physical location.

Add a New Part- parts master record.png


Step Two: Add a New Part

  1.  Click the dropdown icon of the Parts related object.
  2. Click New.

Add a New Part- parts dropdown and new bttn.png



  • The parts fields auto-populate with the parts master info.
  • The Company field is populated by your set location.


  1.  Verify the Company field is correct.
  2. Click Create new.

Enter details, Create Part from Parts Master 2.png


Parts Record

After clicking Create new, the Parts record is created for the designated Location.

Completed Part Record, Create Part.png