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Add a New Part

Learn how to add a new part to inventory.


Learn the best practice when adding a physical part to inventory. A Parts Master must be created prior to accomplishing this task.


Start in the Parts Master

Begin by opening the Parts Master record. Click the New Part button located at the bottom of the record in the Parts related list. 

New Part button from the Parts Master record

Add New Part

It is best practice to start from the Parts Master when adding a part. The required information will be carried forward to the Add Part edit screen.

add part edit screen  

The field Location:MFG:Part Number is looking for the company location code. In the example, SFO would be entered for San Francisco. The system will automatically generate the number when Save is clicked and the Part record is created.


Add Details

To add more detail to the Part record click Edit

Edit the part record 

There may be more required fields to populate. In this example, these four fields need to be added to the Part record. 

  • On Hand - How many are on hand
  • Pack QTY - How many come in one pack
  • Source - Where was the part sourced from. 
  • Bin - Primary bin location

Edit a Part  

Add Parts Image

Information for an online storefront can be included in the Part record. Images and illustrations can also be added in the form of an uploaded .jpeg or attached link.   

add an image of the part