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Create a Parts Kit


Parts Kits can be created with no Bill of Material, making the process as simple as Kit Name, Description and Kit Price.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to Parts Kits
  • Create a new Parts Kit
  • Edit the Parts Kit record


Step One: Navigate to Parts Kits


Option 1: From the DealerTeam Parts App 

The Parts Kits Tab is typically located in the tab bar. It may not be visible, click More ---> Parts Kits. 

Navigate to the Parts Kits tab


Option 2: From Anywhere in the System:

  1. Click the App Launcher icon.

Create a Parts Kit- App Launcher.png


  1. Enter Parts Kits in the search area.
  2. Click the Parts Kits link.

Create a Parts Kit- Type and link.png


Step Two: Create a Parts Kit

  1. Click New.

Create a Parts Kit- New bttn.png


  1. Enter Parts Kit details: There are only two * required fields to save a new Parts Kit.
  • Kit Name - limited to 80 characters. 
  • Description - allows up to 255 characters to elaborate where needed. 
  1. Click Save.

Enter Details, Create a Parts Kit.png



Step Three: Edit the Parts Kit Record

After clicking Save a Parts Kit record will be created. To add more information to the record click the Edit button at the top of the screen. 

Fields Description
General Information (a) The general details of the Parts Kit.
Kit Price (b) Kit Price is calculated by Labor Sale + Parts List. If there are no parts listed, the Kit Price is the same as the Labor Sale. 
Sell on Deals (c) Denotes if the Parts Kit is available to be sold on a deal.
Item count (d) Number of items in the Kit.  Learn how to Add Parts Kit Items.
Pricing (e) Cost and Gross fields for Parts and Labor. These fields affect the total of the Kit Price. 


Create a Parts Kit- Parts kit record.png


What's Next

Learn how to Add Parts Kit Items to create a detailed Bill of Material.