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Create a Parts Kit


Parts Kits can be created with no Bill of Material, making the process as simple as Kit Name, Description and Kit Price.

This article explains how to create a Parts Kit with no Bill of Material.  

Create a New Parts Kit

Begin by selecting DealerTeam Parts from the app menu. Click the Parts Kits tab. 

When Parts Kits is not visible in the row of tabs, click the All Tabs + and locate it among the available tabs.  

Parts Kit tab can be found under the DealerTeam Parts App


Click New in the Recent Parts Kits display.

New Parts Kit button

Required Fields

Fill out the two required fields, Kit Name and Description. The Description can contain up to 255 characters. 

Kit Price is not required but an important field to note. The Kit Price needs to reflect the total amount of labor and parts charged to the customer. When this field is populated, the Kit Price will get added to a deal as a single Aftermarket Item.

Labor Sale and Labor Cost are optional fields that when populated will calculate Labor Gross.

Sell on Deals is not required and if checked means the Parts Kit will be available for sale on the Deal screen.

Click Save to create the Parts Kit record. That's it for a simple Parts Kit!

Parts Kit Edit screen to add Name, Description, and Kit Price 


The Item Count field displays 0, supporting there is no Bill of Materials associated with the Parts Kit.

Enter the amount of the Parts Kit in the Kit Price field


What's Next

Learn how to add Parts Kit Items to create a detailed Bill of Material.