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Create a Parts Kit with Parts Kit Items


Parts Kits can include Parts Kit Items, creating a detailed Bill of Material (BOM) to manage pricing and taxation of the individual parts included in the kit.

This article explains how to create a Parts Kit including Parts Kit Items (BOM) 

Create a Parts Kit with Parts Kit Items

After a Parts Kit has been created, include Parts Kit Items to create a detailed Bill of Material. Parts Kit Items can be added to existing Parts Kits at any time. 

To get started, let's create a new Parts Kit for a fresh example.

Step 1

Enter the Kit Name and Description and click Save. Note, I did not include a Kit Price. 

new parts kit with BOM 


After the Part Kit has been created, locate the related-list Parts Kit Items at the bottom of the record.  

Related List, Parts Kit Items

Step 2

Click the New Parts Kit Item button. 

New Parts Kit Item button

Out of the required fields, Parts Kit and Quantity will pre-populate. Manually adjust the part Quantity if it is greater than 1. 

Use the look-up to add the Parts Master. A Parts Master must already exist before it can be added to a Parts Kit Item. Click here to learn how to create a Parts Master.


A Parts Master is a required because it defines the Cost, Retail Price, Pack Quantity and Part Number. When connected to a Parts Kit Item the Parts Master populates the Extended Cost (Cost * Qty) and Extended List (List * Qty).    If your Organization Supports the use of a Product Tax Code or the Addition of Miscellaneous Charge Codes they can be added from this screen as well. If you are unsure leave both of these fields blank. 

Click Save to create the Parts Kit Item


Step 3

A Parts Kit Item needs to be created for every Part associated with the Parts Kit. This process will create a detailed Bill of Materials. When all the desired Parts have been added, the sum total of the Extended Cost and Extended List will calculate the Kit List and Kit Cost. This will in turn calculate the Kit Gross Margin.

When a Parts Kit has a BOM, the Kit Price is calculated by Kit List + Labor Sale.  

All of the Parts associated in the Parts Kit Items will be added to the deal as individual Aftermarket Items and can be managed to adjust pricing and taxation.  

Roll up summary calculates Kit List + Labor Sale = Kit Price