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Create a Purchase Order

Purchase Orders have four common record types - Parts Purchase, Vehicle Purchase, Miscellaneous, and Sublet. Learn how to create a new PO.


Create a new Purchase Order (PO), select the Record Type, and assign a Vendor. These three steps need to be completed before Parts can be added to the PO.   

First Step - Click New

Create new PO

Second Step - Select Record Type

PO Record Type

Third Step - Select Vendor

Use the Vendor look-up to select from recently viewed vendors, search existing vendor accounts, or add New vendor.

The Company look-up will be set by default based on the users Location. The Requested By field is not required but it is recommended to record who has requested the Purchase Order.  

New PO Vendor Look up

Fourth Step - Click Save to Create PO#

When the Purchase Order is saved a PO # will be created by the combined Location + a Sequential Number.  

The Status will be Open and the PO Amount will be $0.00 until parts are added to the Purchase Order. 

helpNote_icon.gifIt is important to note a PO can only support a single Vendor. The Vendor look-up field will remain editable until the PO is Booked to Accounting. This allows the mistake of choosing an incorrect Vendor Account to be updated.       

 - New PO with status Open

What's Next

Learn how to Add Parts to a Purchase Order.