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Add Parts to a Purchase Order

A Purchase Order Line needs to be created for every Part added to the PO. The Sum Total of the PO Lines will auto-populate the PO Amount.


After a PO has been created, learn how-to add Parts as Purchase Order Lines.     

First Step - Open PO

Begin by opening the desired PO. If one does not exist Create a New PO.  


Open or Create New Purchase Order

Second Step - Add a Part

Then continue to the Add Part to Purchase Order section.

Use the Part look-up field to search for existing Parts to add a Purchase Order Line. 

Click the Part look-up icon to launch the search browser.

Service Job Line field appears when you create a PO from a Service Repair Order. This will help you assign a Part to the correct Job Line on Service Repair Order.

Add Part to Purchase Order - Part look up

Here is a screenshot when creating a Purchase Order without Service Repair Order #. 

Add Part to Purchase Order Screen - No Service Job Line

Type the Part Number (Name) in the search box and click Go! Or expand the search to (All Fields) and search by Part Description or Manufacturer

A list of Recently Viewed Parts provides the User potential short cuts when selecting Parts. Click the Part Number to add it to the PO. 

Add part to Purchase Order - Search part

The Part Number will now be displayed in the look up field. Set the Quantity and include any optional Notes. Click drop-down menu to select Service Job Line # related to Service Repair Order.Add part to Purchase Order - click dropdown menu

Select Service Job Line #. Click the button Add Part to Purchase Order to create the PO Line. 

Repeat this step to add more Parts.  

Third Step - View/Edit PO

Once created, Action items allow the User to View / Edit the PO Line.

  • View allows the PO Line to be Cloned or Deleted.
  • Edit allows the user to modify the PO Line.

Add part to Purchase Order

Notice the Example Notes were included under the PO Line. The system also included a default note the Part comes in a Pack QTY of 4.  

The Total of the PO Line is calculated and auto-populates the PO Amount.

The PO Amount will continue to adjust as the process is repeated and more Parts are added as PO Lines. 

Add part to Purchase Order - amount/total

New Feature is available for DealerTeam Mobility Package 2.7 and above. 


What's Next

Now the Purchase Order has Parts added, learn how to Receive a Purchase Order