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Receive a Purchase Order

Mark a Purchase Order as Received and note any discrepancies. A PO cannot be modified once it has been received however, the Purchase Order Receiving Event can be modified.


Learn how-to receive a PO.

First Step

Open the PO for the Parts received. 

Receive purchase orders, open PO.png

Second Step

Click the Receive Purchase Order button.

Receive purchase orders, click receive PO.png

Third Step

Enter the QTY Received for each Part listed on the Purchase Order. This field will populate automatically but it is also editable because Parts can be missing or delivered in different quantities. 

Vendor data such as Invoice #Amount, and Freight can be recorded in the optional input fields. 

Click the Receive Parts button when finished.

Receive purchase orders, receive parts.png   

Changes to the Purchase Order after it's Received

  • The Vendor is no longer editable.
  • The Status changes to Accepted.
  • The action View/Edit is no longer available on PO Lines.
  • The Qty Received is recorded.
  • Purchase Order Receiving Events logs the User who received the Parts and Date/Time the Purchase Order was received.
    • Purchase Order Receiving Events can be edited by clicking Edit.

Receive purchase orders, post receive .png