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Add New Parts Master from Purchase Order Screen


From a Purchase Order, learn how to create a new Parts Master if the Part isn't already cataloged in your inventory.

After a Purchase Order (PO) has been created, learn how-to add a new Part to Parts Master directly from the PO screen.  

  • Ability to add a New Part Master directly from the Purchase Order Screen without having to redirect to another screen.
  • Saves you a few clicks.

First Step - Open PO

Begin by opening the desired PO record. If one does not exist Create a New PO.  


Second Step - Add Part to Parts Master

Click "+" button to add new Part to Parts Master

Add Part Master from PO screen - click add

Fill in required fields (red) and other necessary fields. 

An example of all required fields with values. After necessary values are entered click Save.

Add Part to Parts Master - fields with values

Repeat second step to add more Parts to Parts Master.

Third Step - Complete Purchase Order after adding new Part Master

Recently added Parts Master (FL-840-S) will auto fill Part field. To add new Parts Master to Purchase Order

  1.  Insert quantity desired in Quantity field 
  2. Click Add Part to Purchase Order Button to complete Purchase Order.