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Create a Parts Transfer

Learn how to transfer parts internally from one dealership location to the next.


After completing this how-to you will learn to transfer one part(s) from one physical location to another. Doing so you will be able to track the part and it will automatically be integrated with your financial accounting solution. You can choose to transfer a part from one location's inventory to another without changing your current location settings. Before you start, you need to make sure you know the part number you are trying to transfer and what location currently has inventory of that part. 

First Step - Navigate to Parts Transfer

Click into the DealerTeam Parts App, and go to the Parts Transfer Tab, Select New from the Top Right of the Screen. 



Second Step - Select New Location to Transfer the Part

Click on the location Lookup Icon, this is where it is important to know which of your locations have available Quantities of the part you need to transfer. This is one of the instances in our product where your location does not enter in, you need to select the From location and the To Location manually.  


Once you have both selected you can hit the New Transfer Request button in the center of the screen.

Third Step - Enter Transfer Details

When you create a transfer it contains a From Location, a To Location and a Status. Included in the Transfer Details are shipping information and part information. 

  1. Shipping Notes: include shipping information, IE: shuttle, Ground or Next Day Air
  2. Part: search for part using auto complete look up 
  3. Quantity: type in number of parts requested
  4. Order Line: Attach to repair order (RO) if applicable.
    • If you want to associate an Order Line, you can do so with this entry.
    • Anytime a part is sold negative the system can auto generate an order. This cancels out that order indicating that it has been filled. 
  5. Comment: for any additional information.
  6. Click Add button. After clicking Add, it will pull that part from the inventory from San Francisco (SFO) and place it on current transfer at the FIFO or LIFO cost of that part.
    • You'll notice the Commit Transfer button is now available. Do not click Commit Transfer until you have included all parts needed to transfer.

To add additional parts to transfer, repeat steps 2-6 above. 

transfer 3.png

Click Commit Transfer

By committing transfer it locks down the ability to add additional parts and it creates a purchase order in the receiving location with those items associated. At this time a transaction is sent to to the integrated financial accounting solution saying take this "x" amount of dollars out of parts inventory in SFO and placed in a pre-sales holding account while this part is in transit.


Fourth Step - Committed Transfer

As you can see the Status is now Committed. The Commit Transfer button is no longer available. You can also reverse the transfer with the Reverse Transfer button. That will be covered in (another article/in this pathways). 

Now the receiving dealership "Riverside" gets the order and pulls out parts from the truck. They never go into the transfer screen they go into the purchase order screen. From the Purchase Order screen they can see that this part is associated with a intercompany transfer. But the process is just like a Parts Purchase from any other vendor.