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How To Create a Parts Kit

Create a Simple Parts Kit in order to Sell Parts and Labor Combined on a Deal.


After completing this how-to You will be able to create a Simple Parts Kit.

First Step

Go to the DealerTeam Parts App and Select the Parts Kit Object, Select New. The only required Fields in order to save a new Parts Kit are the Name and Description. Remember the name is limited to 80 characters but the description will allow up to 255 Characters. So if you need to elaborate use the Description function. The last thing is to mark the Check box to be able to sell on deals. Otherwise it will not show up on the Deal Screen to select.



Second Step

To elaborate further lets look into the other fields that you can use and how they affect each other:


In this example The Kit Price is 899. This field is a roll up total of The Labor Sale and the Parts List. Note that the Labor Sale should always be The Kit Hours present times the Labor Hourly Sale. Determining the Labor Cost on the Parts Kit will effect how much profit is shown on the Deal. This is not an actual cost field, but a org wide reference. If you are not sure what cost to use We recommend looking at the location record and seeing what is the Org Internal Default for Labor.


What's Next

Once you have the basics you can go to some more advanced functions, such as Adding Kit items ( parts ) to a Parts Kit and How to effectively categorize your Parts kits for ease in finding them from the Deal.