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How to Adjust a Parts Kit Selling Price


Customize the sales price for Parts Kits on the Deal by using the Parts Kit Item.


This article requires a Parts Kit. Start here to learn How To Create a Parts Kit

After completing this article you will be able to

  • Adjust Labor Sale to set Kit Price  
  • Set List Price on your Parts Kits
  • Update the price of Parts Kit Items.


NOTE: If you cannot update Extended List price, check with your administrator. A known Workflow Rule that addresses Parts Kit Cost may need to be disabled.

Step One: Open a Parts Kit

  1. Click the Parts Kit Tab
  2. Click the Kit Name to open

how to open a parts kit.png


Adjust Labor Sale to set Kit Price

The Kit Price controls the amount a Parts Kit will be sold for on a Deal. The Kit Price is calculated by adding the Labor Sale + Parts List. 

Labor Sale can be adjusted up or down to set the Kit Price. 

(Kit Hours x Labor Hourly Sale) = Labor Sale

Set Kit Price by adding Labor Sale and Parts List.png


Step Two: Edit a Parts Kit Item 

  1. From an available Parts Kit Item, click the dropdown and choose Edit.

Edit Parts Kit Item.png


Adjust Extended List to set Kit Price

By manipulating the Extended List we can override the List Price pulling from the Parts Master to adjust the Kit Price. The selling price on a deal will refer to the List Price when the Extended List is left blank.

  1. The List Price is a look-up to the Retail Price on the Parts Master.
  2. The Extended List can be adjust to increase or decrease the selling price on a Deal. 



Edit Parts Item Extended List .png 


In theory, we end up with a Parts Kit that can be sold at any Price. Management can package commonly sold Items to make it easier for the Salesperson to find and add parts to a Deal, including the Correct cost of labor to install the parts on a vehicle. 

Salesperson's can add Kits to a Deal and not have to worry about the correct pricing on the quote or deal.