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How to Apply a Pricing Strategy to a Specific Account


Learn how to assign a Pricing Strategy to a Specific Account

So now that we made custom Pricing Strategies, how do we assign them to Specific Accounts?

NOTE: There is a new field on the Account Record. If you do not see it please reach out to your Systems Administrator to ensure you have access to this field and it is included in your Layout.

Here is an example of what you should see:

Custom Pricing Strategy Field located on the Account Record


If there is no Pricing Strategy assigned to a specific Account this field will be blank. If that is the case the Default Pricing Strategy will be used on all transactions. This is the override to allow Specific Pricing Strategies. Once we assign the Pricing Strategy we can navigate to a Parts Invoice and See how it works.

Strategy on the Parts Invoice:

The Parts Invoice does not have the same functionality as the Service Repair Order, but it has a much simpler interface, Simply choose the Price level on the create Screen and this and all subsequent lines you choose, This is where the sequence you assign will come into play.

pricing strategy on the Parts Invoice example


As you can see, The List Price is still showing but the extended or Net Price is at the correct discount per the pricing strategy. If you Create an Invoice, the Price level that you assign will be assigned to the Parts Invoice and all subsequent Parts Invoice Lines.

Strategy on the Service Repair Order

This is a little Trickier to Document as most of the changes occur under the hood and won’t be visible to the end user, unless they are paying attention.

The Repair Order does not have the option of a manual Pricing Strategy override like we have in the Parts Invoice, It must be done at the account level. If there is not a level assigned to the Account the Default Pricing Strategy will be used.

When there is a Strategy assigned, the Parts Selection screen will auto populate the Sale Price to be defined by the Pricing Strategy.

Note: This field can be manually overridden and will stay at the manually assigned value.

pricing strategy from a Repair Order example


As you can expect, the Sale Price will be updated to the level defined by the Pricing Strategy for the related Account who the Service Repair Order was assigned to.