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How to Create a Parts Quote in Lightning


The Parts Quote is a great way to price out parts for a customer without relieving them from your inventory. Once you have made the sale you can convert this to a parts invoice easily.

After completing this how to, you will be able to create a Parts Quote for a customer.

First Step - Navigate to Parts Invoices

From the DealerTeam Parts App, click the Parts Invoices tab then click New



Second Step - Create Parts Quote and Add a Part

Once you select New, the following dialog will display. Enter the customer information and ensure you are in the correct location. On the right side, you can select a Price Level if your Organization uses them. If your Customer is Tax Exempt, check the Box. 

In the Part Lines section, search for the part in the dialog box. You can search by part number, or part description and the dialog will filter down what options you have. Once you have selected the part hit enter and it will add to the Lines. 

After adding Part Lines, complete the Price Quote by clicking the Save Price Quote button.



Third Step - Update Part Line & Part Line Details

To update the List price or to remove the part, click the Action button related to the part line. Please note you can't change the Quantity until the invoice is saved.

After adding Part Lines, complete the Price Quote by clicking the Save Price Quote button.

Some other functions worth noticing are there in the part line. You can see the Bin Location of the part in your store, the Source where the parts were purchased from, the Quantity Available for sale, the List price as defined on the Parts Master, the Net which is what you are selling the part for, and the Extended which will vary with the quantity.


Fourth Step - Edit Parts Quote Lines

Once you have set the pricing and added what parts you would like to the Quote, you can either save this order as a Price Quote or create it directly to an invoice. For this exercise, we can Save it as a Price Quote. Once it is saved, you can also go back in and update the quantity and the List Price of the items on the invoice. Click the Edit button next to the Quote Lines:



Fifth Step - Completed Price Quote

Save, DeletePrint Quote, Email Quote, or Convert to Invoice buttons will appear once a Price Quote is created. Click the button to complete the next desired step.


What's Next

Remember the quote will not remove parts from your local inventory at the time of creation. Make sure you still have stock On Hand when you go to invoice the quote.