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How to Receive Parts Transfer


Learn how to receive a Parts Transfer inside the DealerTeam Parts application.


First Step

Start by clicking the Purchase Order Tab.

Click on the desired Purchase Order if available in the Recently Viewed list view. Enter the PO # in the Global Search to quickly find the record. 

Inside the PO you will see the record details including the field for Transfer # that shows you an associated Parts Transfer.


Second Step

Change picture once bug is fixed. (Commit Transfer button is showing error)

Click Receive Purchase Order button.

From Purchase Order screen you will see that this Purchase Order is associated with a intercompany Transfer. You will process the order just like you are processing a Parts Purchase from any other vendor.

(Should I talk about Status or PO)

example screen shot of how to click the Receive Purchase Order button

Third Step

Vendor is the account associated with the sending location. Each location receives an account representing that location for the purpose of sales and purchases.

  1. Ensure what arrived matches what was sent.    
  2. Click Receive Parts button.

screen shot how to click the Received Parts button

After you click Receive Parts the system will default to Print Part Labels. Click Back button.

  • Parts Transfers and Purchase Orders are directly related. The transfer object is basically a junction between Parts Invoice and Purchase Order. Parts transfer is simply the mechanism that records what went out and what came in. 

Example screen shot of the Back button


Fourth Step

Receiving parts makes another commit to the database and another financial accounting transaction. The purchase order Status is updated to "Accepted" and is now finalized on the side of the receiving dealership.

example of Purchase Order field Status set to Accepted

Fifth Step

To see Status of the shipment, refresh PO screen. 

Once the transfer screen is refreshed you cannot commit or reverse the part transfer and can no longer add lines. You can update the transfer notes. The Received status is achieved when the receiving dealership has taken control of the parts. 


example of Parts Transfer status updated to received


A Parts Purchase Order is the only record type that can be received and still have a Partial status. When only some of the parts on a PO arrive, the transfer is still received and the corresponding journal entries are updated. The PO remains in Partial status until the remain parts are received. During a physical inventory any missing parts on past PO's will be sorted out.