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How to Add Kit Items to your Parts Kit


Build out detailed Parts Kits to be sold on Deals by adding Parts Kit Items.


After completing this Section you will be able to Set a List Price on your Parts Kits by adding Parts Kit Items.

If you have not read the article on how to create a Parts Kit, Start with this: How To Create a Parts Kit


Step One: Open a Parts Kit 


open a parts kit.png


Step Two: Add New Kit Item

  1. Click the dropdown arrow and select New to add a Parts Kit Item. 
  2. View All to see the entire list of Kit Items that have been added. 

Click the dropdown arrow and select New to add a Kit Item.png


From the New Parts Kit Item pop-up modal:

  1. The Quantity will have a default value of 1. Adjust the Quantity and you will need to manually update the Extended List to reflect the total price. 

- Extended List is the List Price * Qty.  When a value is present in the Extended List it will override the List Price from the Parts Master.   

  1. Use the Parts Master look-up to search for the Part to add to the Parts Kit. 

- There is the option from the look-up field to add a new Parts Master when needed.   


Select a Parts Master and Qty to add a Kit Item .png


Click Save. 

Repeat the process to add another Part Kit Item.