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Part Supersession in DealerTeam

DealerTeam makes Part Management and Supersession easy. Changes to the Parts Master will apply globally and extend to multiple locations.


Part Supersession is an important function for any Service/Parts Department. Supersession is used to both:

  1. Update Part A to a manufacturer's issued Part A-a, where the part is essential the same but the part number has changed. 
  2. Make Part A obsolete to be replaced by Part B, when both parts perform the exact same function.   

First Step - Open a Parts Master Record

There are two best practices when finding a Parts Master record. Global Search is the most efficient but the user has to be familiar with the part number or a description. Scrolling through a list view to find the Part Master is another option. 


  1. Type the Part Number or Description in the Global Search. From the results, be sure to open the Parts Master.                                                                              

  Global Search for Parts Master by description      click the part number to open the record


 2. Navigate to the Parts Master tab and open the desired list view. Scroll to locate the Part Name.  


Click Go! to open All List View for Parts Master     Open Part Master by clicking Part Number in the List View 


Second Step

Then continue by clicking the Supersession button from the opened Parts Master record.


from the parts master record, click the supersession button


Enter the New Part Number and click Supersede.  


enter the new part number and click supersede


Expected Results

The Part Number will updated in the Parts Master. Including anywhere the related Part is used globally and across multiple Locations. 

updated part number will display globally throughout the system


The Parts Master History and Supersession will be recorded in the related lists at the bottom of the record.

history and supersession will be recorded in related lists attached to the record