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Cashier a Parts Invoice

Cashier an open invoice when a part is received and paid for by the customer. The posted invoice can now be printed or emailed.


Cashier an Open Parts Invoice when completing the transaction.  

First Step

Open the desired Parts Invoice. 

Before Cashiering the invoice you may need to add Shipping Charges and Misc. Fees. 

When ready click the Cashier button.

Cashier the Parts Invoice.

Second Step

Process Payment on an Open invoice.

  1. The Invoice Total will auto-populate. In can be edited.
  2. Choose the Account paying the Invoice.
  3. Select Payment Method.
  4. Click Apply Payment button.

Process Payment on an Open invoice

Third Step

The Post Invoice button will become available once payment has been applied to the invoice. The Close Date defaults to today's date.

Click Post Invoice when the transaction is complete and the Invoice is ready to be closed.

Posting Parts Invoice

The status of the invoice will update to Posted. The Print Invoice and Email Invoice buttons are now active. 

Posted Invoice, status update and print/email functions