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Create a Parts Invoice


Create a Parts Invoice for internal use or for a customer-related purchase and adding Part Lines.


First Step

From the DealerTeam Parts App, click the Parts Invoices dropdown then click + New Parts Invoice

Click New, Create New Parts Invoice.png


Second Step

From the Account Lookup, you can search for existing accounts or create a new account.   

Use the Price Level picklist to choose Retail or Wholesale. 

The Tax Exempt checkbox will remove taxes from being calculated on the Parts invoice. 


Lookup the desired Account then click Create Invoice

Create New Part Invoice


The Part Invoice Number will be created. The default status is Open

New Part Invoice with open Status

Type the Part Number in the search box and the system will return possible matches. Note that only parts that exist in the location where you are generating this invoice will be available.

Click to choose the Part. Press Enter to add the Part Line to the Invoice.

                                  Part Search will prompt the options. Click the desired part and press enter to add a Part Line

Each Part Line has an Action button to Update Pricing, Change Quantity, and Remove Part. 

The List Price of each Part Line will add to the Total of the Parts Invoice. Taxes will also calculate depending on the Tax Exempt checkbox and the organizations DMS Tax Settings.  

Continue to add Part Lines to build out the Invoice. 

Add Part Lines by searching for the Part and clicking Enter.


There is a Void Function available as well that will remove all Parts Lines from the invoice and change it's status to Void. This can only be used prior to the Post Invoice function that you will be able to see in the next article.


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