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Create a Parts Quote

When creating a Parts Invoice, learn how to generate a Parts Quote


When a customer requests a Parts Quote, learn how to create the quote and print or email it to the customer.       

First Step

Select DealerTeam Parts from the App menu. Click on the Parts Invoice tab.

To begin, click the New button.

Click New to create a parts invoice to be saved as a parts quote  

Second Step

Use the look-up to choose the Account. 

use an asterisk to improve search for Account Ed*

Third Step

Enter a Part Number or Description into the Part Search box to return all results. Click on the desired part.  

Enter the part number or description to search for the part. From the search results, click the part to select


Click Enter/Return from your keyboard to add the Part to the Part Line. Repeat the process to continue adding parts.

press enter on your keyboard to add the part to the part line  

Fourth Step

The User can choose to Create Invoice or Save Price Quote at this step. Use the Tax Exempt check box to control whether or not the Part is a taxable item. 

Click the Save Price Quote button. After the Parts Quote is created it will receive a PQ#.

Click the Save Price Quote button instead of the Create Invoice button

Use the buttons located at the top of the record to Email Quote, Print Quote, or Convert to Invoice.  

To include taxes to the Parts Quote, uncheck the Tax Exempt check box.  

After the Parts Quote is generated, use the buttons to email, print, or convert to invoice


PDF Example of a Parts Quote 

This is an example of the PDF that would be emailed of printed for the customer. 

Example of a PDF Parts Quote