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Navigate the Rental Scheduler


In this article, learn how to navigate the Rental Scheduler page by toggling between Stores and Regions, select different calendar views and gain rental information at a glance.


Attention, Users!

Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This module is designed for both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. 


Rental Scheduler Page

Before scheduling a Rental Event, be sure to set your store location (see step one below). Each location may have different inventories available for rent. 

Calendar Toggle (1)

Move forward or back by Day, Week, Month or Timeline Week. See #4 to select filter.

Store Location Filter (2)

Click the dropdown and a list of stores will be available to choose from. A lookup is also available to search store locations. Next, select a store. 

Region Filter (3)

Click the dropdown to filter locations by region. Next, select a region.  

Calendar Filter (4)

Select Day, Week, Month or Timeline Week to filter the Rental Scheduler view. (Timeline Week is currently selected)

Day / Time indicator (5)

Depending on which Rental Scheduler view is selected (see #4), the red line determines the day and/or time of the week.

Rental Vehicles (6)

List of rental vehicles. Vehicles shown depends on the which filter is selected, either by Store Location and or Region.

Rental Card (7)

A rental card shows what dates the vehicles are booked along with the Rental #, Type of Rental, Deposit Amount, Delivery Fee and Discount amount.

For this reservation:

  • Rental #: 0
  • Type of Rental:
  • Insurance, Deposit Amount: $100
  • Delivery Fee: $25
  • Discount: $50

Hover Over Card (8)

Hovering over a rental reservation will display the Rental Reservation mini-page (9) seen in black and white, the open Rental Agreement button (10) and the Rental Scheduler Event Detail button (11).

Rental Reservation Mini-Page View (9)

The Mini-Page view provides a summary of the rental reservation. Including but not limited to rental dates, customer information, discounts and fees.

Open the Rental Agreement (10)

Click the button to open the Rental Agreement.

Open the Scheduled Rental Details (11)

Click the button to open the Rental details. 


Rental Scheduler, Navigate Rental Scheduler Page 2.png


What's Next

The next step is to Schedule a Rental.