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Record Type set to Rental

Set the Record Type to Rental to select vehicles in the inventory to be available on Rental Agreements.


Update in-stock Vehicles to a Record Type of Rental


  • Vehicle must be marked In-Stock 
  • User must have View/Edit permissions for Vehicle Inventory Object 



First Step: Open In-stock Vehicle Record

Navigate to the Vehicle Inventory Tab. Choose a list view and .  

  1. Use the available list views to choose any in-stock vehicle.
  2. Click the vehicle description to open the record 


Second Step: Change the Record Type to Rental

From the open vehicle inventory record, locate the field for Record Type 

  1. Click the [Change] shortcut next to Record Type. If you do not see the shortcut, click Edit to edit the page.
  2. Choose the value Rental from the pick list
  3. Click Save