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Navigate Rental Agreements


After completing this how-to you will learn to navigate the Rental Agreements page.


Rental Agreements

Rental Agreements will contain all information regarding a rental including renter contact information, insurance information, rental dates, rental vehicle, fees, additional charges and payments. 

Highlights Panel (1)

View summarized information at a glance. Customize your highlights panel to view the most important information to you. Buttons and Common Actions (see #5) lives inside the highlights panel. 

Path Guide (2)

Paths guide your sales users through each stage of your company’s sales process. Paths help users stay focused on important tasks so they can close deals or complete work quickly.

Related Information tabs (3)

  • Details tab

All of a record's fields are grouped together in the Details tab. Rental dates, rental vehicle, rental fees, discounts, and mileage information. Find the majority of the necessary information related to Rental Agreements.

  • Related tab

Contain Related Lists, which are a list of other records that are associated with the record you're viewing.  

  • Activity tab

Log all activity-related actions, including New Task, New Event, Log a Call, and Email.

  • Chatter tab

Communicate with your organization and mention other users to bring attention to the record by using "@username". Provides standard Chatter actions: Post, Poll, and Question.

View of selected Related Information tab (4)

Based on which Related Information tab (3) is selected, the information will populate. 

Buttons and Common Actions (5)

  • + Follow

Click the button to follow the record. Keep track of the most important records to you. 

  • Print Contract

Click to print the Rental Agreement Contract.

  • Print Receipt

Click to print the Rental Agreement Receipt.

Related Information tab (6)

By select one of the following tabs, you will find related information. For example, the Totals tab is selected which is indicated by a blue line underneath the tab the Totals tab information will populate. 

  • Totals tab

View pricing, charges, discounts including additional fees. 

  • Fees tab

Use this tab to add customizable fees. Add a note of the fee and the cost. Fees may vary depending on each organization.

  • Insurance tab

View or edit Driver's insurance information including policy and contact information. 

  • More

Click the More tab to view other available tabs. Tabs inside the More tab may shuffle depending on which tab was recently used. This tab will appear if your screen resolution is not large enough to display the following tabs below. 

  • Driver's tab

View and edit the main driver information and additional driver information. This tab keeps track of all driver's license information. Use the Contact lookup to change the main driver or Add Driver button to add an additional driver.  

  • Vehicle tab

View and edit the rental vehicles. Use the Rental Vehicle lookup to search for a different rental vehicle.

Related Information Window (7)

Based on which Related Information tab (6) is selected (indicated with a blue line underneath the tab), the information will populate. For example, if you select the Totals tab the Totals tab information will populate.

Cashiering (8)

 Add deposit and payment entries by clicking the New Cash entry button. To complete a Rental Return the Cashier Total must equal Total Charges. 


Rental Agreements 2, Navigate RA Page, Final version 2.png


What's Next

The next step is to Create a Rental Agreement.