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Rental Agreements for Lightning


Learn how to create and manage Rental Agreements in the Lightning Experience.


Rental Agreements can only be completed on selected vehicles in-stock. 

There are two prerequisites that need to be completed prior to writing a rental agreement: 

  1. The Record Type for a vehicle needs to be set to Rental and the In Stock checkbox needs to be checked. 
  2. Rental Rate needs to be determined to apply the Daily Rate, Weekly Rate, and Mileage Allowed for different vehicle types.

In addition, a System Admin should setup the dealership Location and CRM Rental Settings. If this has not been completed the system will prompt an error. For technical assistance regarding this issue, contact 

To create a Rental Agreement you will need to complete several steps: Details TabInsurance Tab, Fees Tab (when applicable).  


Attention, Users!

Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This module is designed for Lightning Experience.


Step One:  Navigate to Rental Agreements 

  1. Click App Launcher .
  2. Enter Rental Agreements in the Search bar.
  3. Click Rental Agreements.
  4. Click New to create a Rental Agreement.


Rental Agreements, click New.png


Step Two: Start a New Rental Agreement

A pop-up modal will display to initialize the Rental Agreement. Contact, Rental Vehicle, and Rental Rate Code lookup fields prompt the user to start a New Rental Agreement. 

Fields Defined

Contact -   
Search by Persons Account, Business Account or Contact. Selecting a contact will pre-populate the Driver's Tab when drivers license information is available on the contact record.  
Rental Vehicle -   
Search by Stock #, Year, Make, and Model.
Rental Rate Code -
Select a Rental Rate by typing Rate Code or description of Rate Code.

Click Create New when done to advance to the next step.


  Rental Agreements, quick create new.png


Step Three: Complete the Details Tab 

The Details Tab is selected by default. All required fields are indicated with red asterisks and may differ based on requirements set by your Organization.

The following fields are pre-populated based on the Rental Rates selected upon creation. 

  • Daily Mileage Limit 
  • Excess Miles Fee 
  • Fuel Charge Per Gallon


Complete the following fields in the Details Tab:

  1.  Select desired rental dates using Date Out and Date DUE IN fields. 
  2.  Enter the vehicle mileage upon checkout using Mileage Out.
  3.  Select the percentage of Fuel Level on Checkout.
  4.  Apply discounts to the following fields (select one):  Days Free, Discount, Discount Percentage. Discounts fields are correlated so when selecting an appropriate discount field the other fields will calculate. 
  5. If the Rental Agreement is Tax Exempt, click the checkbox.


Before clicking Start Rental, you will need to complete the Insurance Tab (See Sixth Step).


Rental Agreements V3, details tab.png


Step Four: Drivers Tab

The main driver and additional driver's license information will pre-populate fields based on the selected Contact (second step). To change the main driver, click the Drivers Tab. Click X to delete the current Driver. Enter the customer name in the Customer Contact field. To view possible matching contacts, scroll down to select the desired Account. Multiple accounts will appear with additional contact information (Address and Email) to help differentiate between similar accounts.  


Note: The Customer Contact field is a look-up to existing Accounts. In order to add a customer to a Rental Agreement ensure the customer has an Account or Sales Up created.


Rental Agreements V3, drivers tab.png


Click Add Driver to include additional drivers. Enter the New Driver information then click Save


Rental Agreements 2, add driver info filled.png


The Drivers Tab will include the driver's information along with the additional driver.


Rental Agreements V3, drivers tab.png


Step Five: Vehicle Tab

Click the Vehicle Tab. Click the X to delete the rental vehicle.  Click in the Rental Vehicle field to search for by lookup using a Stock # or Description of the vehicle. Only Rental Vehicles display. If the desired vehicle is not displaying ensure the vehicle record type is set to Rental.


Rental Agreements V3, vehicle tab 2.png


Step Six: Insurance Tab

Click the Insurance Tab. Enter the customer's insurance information.  After completing the Insurance information,

click Save.


Rental Agreements V3, insurance tab.png


Step Seven: Process Rental

After completing all the necessary information click Start Rental to confirm the Rental Agreement.


Rental Agreements 2, click Start Rental.png


Fields will lock after clicking Start Rental. To edit the Rental Agreement details click Update Agreement. To begin a Rental Agreement return click Start Return


Rental Agreements V3, started rental.png


Print Contract or Rental Agreement

To print the Rental Agreement, click Print Contract


Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 11.08.09 AM.png


After clicking Print Contract. You will see a window pop including a PDF copy of the Rental Agreement. To print from your computer click File then scroll down and click Print.


Rental Agreements V3, print Rental Contract (no correct street in the field) FINAL.png

What's Next

The next step is to Process a Rental Return