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Edit Rental Agreements for Lightning


Learn how to edit Rental Agreements. Make changes to driver information, rental vehicle, fees, and insurance information.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to the edit details screen.
  • Edit the Drivers tab.
  • Add Additional Drivers
  • Edit the Vehicle tab
  • Edit the Insurance tab


Step One: Navigate to Edit Details 

From the DealerTeam Rentals app click the Rental Agreements tab then click the Dropdown button related to the desired record then click the Edit button.

Find and Edit Rental Agreements, Rental Agreements v4 .png

Step Two: Edit Drivers Tab

  1. Click the Drivers tab. 
  2. Click X to delete the current Driver.
  3. Enter customer name in the Customer Contact field.
  4. Scroll down to view possible matches, then select the desired Account.

Multiple accounts will appear with additional contact information (Address and Email) differentiating accounts. 

Rental Agreements V3, drivers tab.png


Additional Driver

  1. Click Add Driver to include additional drivers.
  2. Enter the New Driver information
  3. Click Save

Rental Agreements V3, add addtional driver 2.png


The Drivers tab will include the driver's information along with the additional driver.

Rental Agreements, drivers tab with additional driver.png


Step Three: Edit Vehicle tab

  1. Click the Vehicle tab.
  2. Click the X to delete the rental vehicle.
  3. Click in the Rental Vehicle field to search for a vehicle by lookup using a stock # or description of the vehicle.

Note: Rental vehicles are only displayed. If the desired vehicle is not displayed ensure the vehicle inventory record type is set to Rental.

Vehicles Tab, Rental Agreements v4.png


Step Four: Insurance tab

  1. Click the Insurance tab.
  2. Enter the customer's insurance information. 
  3. Click Save.

Rental Agreements V3, insurance tab.png


What's Next

The next step is to Process a Rental Return