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Process Rental Return for Lightning


Learn how to process a rental return. To reduce confusion, editable fields contain a white background and gray fields are non-editable or locked during this stage of the rental process.



Note: To complete a Rental Return the cashier entry must equal the Total Charges. An error window will popup to remind you to enter a cashiered event.


First Step - Open Rental Agreement

  1.  Open desired Rental Agreement.
  2.  Click Start Return. Once you click Start Return, fields will open and editable. If you want to disregard the changes click Cancel.


Second Step - Enter Return Details Information

As details are entered, charges are adjusted and reflected in the Totals tab.

  1. Enter the vehicle return date in the Return Date field.
  2. Enter the vehicle mileage upon return in the Return Mileage field.
  3. Select the percentage of fuel remaining upon return in the Fuel Level on Return field. If fuel is needed, enter the number of gallons required restore levels to 100% in the Refuel Quantity field. Refuel Fee is not taxed.
  4. Enter a discount amount or percentage (if applicable, select one) in the Discount Percentage field or Discount field. 


Enter Return Details, Rental Agreements v4.png


Third Step -  Enter Fees / Adjustment Charges

The Fee tab allows you to add custom fees to a Rental Agreement. It is best to use this tab to include additional fees for fuel or damage fees. Fees may be taxed. For this example, there is no tax on Fees. 

  1.  Click the Fees tab.
  2.  Click New Fee.
  3.  Enter the description of the fee in the Fee Name field.
  4.  Enter the fee dollar amount in the Amount field.
  5. If the fee is taxable, click Taxable checkbox.
  6.  Click Save.

Fees tab, create Fee, Rental Agreements v4.png


After entering a Fee, you will automatically be taken back to the Fees tab where you can view recent entries.

Rental Agreements V3, fees .png

To create another Fee, repeat the same steps above. To Edit or Delete a Fee click on the Dropdown arrow. 


Fees applied can be seen on the Adjustment Charges line in the Totals tab. 

Fees completed, Adjustment Charges line, Rental Agreements v4.png


Fourth Step - Cashiering

Before a Rental Return may be completed you will need to include a cashiering event. Select and apply multiple payments or include a deposit. 

  1. Click New Cash Entry.
  2. Select the Payment Method.
    • On Account
    • Cash 
    • Check
    • Credit Card
  3. Enter the 3 digit Credit Card Authorization Code.
  4. Click Deposit checkbox if the payment is a deposit.
  5. Enter Total Estimated Charges in the Amount field.
  6. Click Save.

Cashier Entry, Rental Agreements v4.png


View recent cashiered entries in the Totals tab.

The following fields are not taxed.

  • Mileage Overages (Excess Miles Fee x Overage Miles)
  • Refueling Fee (Refuel Quantity x Fuel Charge per Gallon)
  • Adjustment Charges (Sum of charges from the Fees tab)

Cashiered Entry in the Totals tab, Rental Agreements v4.png


Process Rental Return

Before completing a Rental Return you must have a cashier entry. The cashiered total must equal the same amount of the Total Charges.

Note: An error window will popup to remind you to enter a cashiered event. 

The screenshot below shows all updated values in the Details tab and Totals tab. Values in the rental header will update as well.

When you're ready to complete the Rental Return click Process Return


Click Process Return, Rental Agreements v4.png


Fifth Step - Completed Rental Return

A completed Rental Return will have the Agreement Status of Returned. A Rental Agreement with the status Returned is no longer editable. 

Completed Rental Return, Rental Agreements v4.png

Print Rental Receipt

Click Print Receipt.

Rental Receipt, Rental Agreements v4.png