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Rental Agreements


In this article, learn how to write Rental Agreements on selected vehicles in-stock.      

There are two steps that need to be completed prior to writing a rental agreement. First the Record Type for a vehicle needs to be set to Rental. Second a Rental Rate needs to be determined to apply the Daily Rate, Weekly Rate, and Mileage Allowed for different vehicle types.

In addition, the System Admin should have already setup the dealership Location and CRM Rental Settings. If this has not been completed the system will prompt an error. For technical assistance regarding this issue, contact     

Step One

Begin by selecting DealerTeam Rentals from the App menu. Click Rental Agreements located in the Tab Bar.

Rental Agreements Tab located under the Rentals App

Step Two

Continue by clicking the New button.

New Rental button

Step Three

Fill out all the required fields indicated with a red bar. Use the look-up icons to select the Rental Vehicle, Customer Contact, Location, and Rental Rate.

At the bottom of the page, click the Add Driver button to record additional drivers on the rental agreement. 

Click Save when all the information has been collected.

Complete the rental agreement and click save

RA# 00001

The new Rental Agreement will generate a number.

Buttons on the saved Rental Agreement allow a User to Edit, Print Contract, Process Rental Return, and Add Drivers.  

Rental Agreement RA# 00001   

Helpful Tips

Quick Add a new customer

The look-up for Customer Contact allows a User to create a new customer when the search doesn't return any results. Enter the customer's full name and click the look-up icon.

1. Click the New button if the customer does not exist.

Create new customer from look up


3. A new Account is created and entered in the Customer Contact field. 

2. Enter the customer details and click Save

Fill out new customer contact info


Use a Wild Card search

Customers like Bill Gorman may already be in the system as William or Billy. You can improve your search results by using *Gorman. Using a wildcard search will look for all customers with the last name Gorman before creating a new Account.

* Wild Card to improve contact search results