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Rental Rates

Create separate Rental Rates to apply to different Vehicle Types


Learn how to create a new Rental Rate to be selected on a Rental Agreement. 

First Step

  1. Click App Launcher.
  2. Enter Rental Rates in the Search bar.
  3. Click Rental Rates.
  4. Click New to create a Rental Rate.


Select new rental rates.


Second Step

1. Cursor defaults to Active checkbox to be checked. This ensures the Rental Rate is available to be used on a Rental Agreement.

2. Add the number of miles to be used for the Daily Miles Allowed.

3. Add the dollar amount for the Daily Rate to be applied to this rate.

4. Add the Rate Description to be displayed when choosing a Rental Rate on the scheduler or the Rental Agreement.

  • To accommodate Weekly Rates include "Weekly" in the description and adjust your Daily Rate.

5. Add a Grace Period in Minutes to allow for late return before accrueing an additional day of rental.

  • Default rental days are set to 24 hours, by adding a grace period you can set when to trigger an additional day of charges to accrue to the rental reservation. 

6. Select a Vehicle Type to be used on this Rental Rate by highlighting and clicking the over Command >.

7. Enter the Excess Miles Fee to be charged for miles over the Daily Miles Allowed.

8. Enter the Fuel Charge Per Unit (gallons/liters) to be charged to refuel the rental on its return.

9. Click Save or Save New to create multiple Rental Rates.


Rental Rate update.png


What's Next

After the desired Rental Rates have been created, learn how to create a Rental Agreement.