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Rental Rates

Create separate Rental Rates to apply to different Vehicle Types


Learn how to create/clone a new Rental Rate to be selected on a Rental Agreement. 

First Step

Begin by selecting DealerTeam Rentals from the App menu.

DealerTeam Rentals App

Second Step

Then click on the Rental Rates tab. If Rental Rates is not visible in the Tab Bar, use the All Tabs + to locate it in available Tabs. 

Rental Rates Tab

Features Explained

For an example, let's open Rate ID 000 from the Recent Rental Rates. 

Rate ID 000

1. Use the buttons to Edit, Delete or Clone the Rental Rate. If you organization enforces an approval process, use the Submit for Approval button.

2. The Rate ID is used as the Rental Rate name.

3. To make available for use the Active box needs to be checked.

4. Rental Rates can be created and set for one or multiple Vehicle Types.  

Rate ID 000 details

Third Step

There are two basic ways to create a new rental rate.  

 Create a new Rental Rate

Click the New button located in the Recent Rental Rates main pane.

New Rental Rate button

Fill in the fields and select the desired Vehicle Types. Click Save when done.

New Rental Rate 


Clone an existing Rental Rate

Open an existing Rental Rate and click the Clone button. Make any changes needed for the new Rental Rate and click Save.

clone a rental rate gif



What's Next

After the desired Rental Rates have been created, learn how to create a Rental Agreement.