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Rental Returns

Learn how to process a rental vehicle return and collect payment from the customer.


Learn How-to process a rental vehicle return. 

First Step: Open Rental Agreement 

Begin by opening a Rental Agreement. To process the return, click the Process Rental Vehicle Return button. 


rental vehicle return button 


Second Step: Enter Return Information 

From the input screen, enter the vehicle return information. Complete all required fields:

  • Return Date, Time
  • Fuel Level Returned
  • Return Mileage

Inspect the vehicle and include any damages in the Return Damage notes field. 


Enter the return rental vehicle information. Return Date, Time, the fuel level and miles of the returned vehicle.  Add any damage in the Return Damage notes field. 


Third Step: Add Refueling Fees as Customer Charge

Add refueling fees to be charged to the customer.

Select the Payment Type and Payment Method fields, along with Payment Notes or Additional Charges if needed. 


Add any refueling fees charged to the customer. Select payment type and method of payment also any Payment Notes if needed. 


Fourth Step: Complete Rental Return

Click Complete Rental Return to finish the process.


Click Complete Return.

Click Print Receipt to provide the customer a receipt.  

In addition, print the contract for the customer once the agreement status is closed. 


Click Print Receipt for the customer or you can print out a filled out contract.

Example of a Rental Receipt 

Included below is an example of the customer receipt without logo or branding. 

This is a copy of the customer receipt.