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Rental Scheduler for Lightning


Learn how the Rental Scheduler works and how to set an appointment on the Rental Scheduler.

The Rental Scheduler is only intended to assist the scheduling of Rental Appointments. Follow the link to learn how to create a Rental Agreements

After reading this article you will know how to:

  • Navigate the Rental Scheduler
  • Schedule a Reservation 
  • Complete a Rental Card

Step One: Navigate to the Rental Scheduler

From the DealerTeam Rentals app click the Rental Agreements tab.

Rental Scheduler Defined

Before scheduling a Rental Event be sure to set your store location (see step one below). Each location may have different inventories available for rent. 

  1. Store Location - Click the dropdown and choose from a list of available store locations. 
  2. Region - Click the dropdown to filter locations by region. 
  3. Toggle Arrows - Move forward or back by Day, Week, Month or Timeline Week. (See #4 to select filter)
  4. Filter by Duration - Select Day, Week, Month or Timeline Week to filter the Rental Scheduler view.
  5. Rental Fleet - List of available rental vehicles.
  6. Red Line - Indicated the current day and/or time of the week.
  7. Rental Card - Quick display of Rental #, Reservation Dates, Rental Type, Deposit Amount, Delivery Fee and Discount. The scheduler displays an associated color with each Rental Type.

In this example:

  • Yellow - Rental Type Insurance
  • Green - Rental Type Customer   


Rental Scheduler, Navigate page 4.png


Step Two: Schedule Rental Reservation with Dates and Vehicle

Double Click in any open tile to schedule a new rental reservation. 

Each row is specific to the vehicle displayed. Choose a Date and Time from the column that matches the desired vehicle. For this example, the desired vehicle is a 2018 Nissan Maxima with a start date of September 12, Wednesday. Choose the exact time after you open the Rental Card. 


Rental Scheduler, Click day slot 3.png


Step Three: Complete a Rental Reservation Card

A Rental Appointment Card is used to quickly schedule a Rental Appointment. The next step is to complete a Rental Agreement.

  1. Vehicle - Auto-populated based on your selection. Change the vehicle from the dropdown
  2. Customer - Click the dropdown and search for the Customer using the lookup. 
  3. Event Start, Event End - Click the calendar icon to set the Event Start date and the Event End date. 
    • Click the clock icon to set the Event Start time and the Event End time. 
  4. Description - Type additional notes in this box. 
  5. Type - Select the desired rental Type by clicking on the related color. The color will display on the rental scheduler.
  6. Rental Rate - Click the dropdown and select an available Rental Rate. Search by Rental Rate # or Description. 
  7. Delivery Fee and Vehicle License Fee Inputs 
  8. Deposit Amount Input.
  9. Days Free - Input the number of days free 
  10. % Discount or flat Discount Amount Input 
  11. Tax Exempt - checkbox to mark the Rental non taxable.

After completing the Schedule Event card click Save


Rental_Rez_Card defined.png


Step Four: Reservations on the Rental Scheduler

There are bound to be changed after the Rental Scheduler starts to fill up. Here are a few tips to help manage existing reservations on the Rental Scheduler.   

  1. Hover over a scheduled Rental Reservation to display the event summary. 
  2. Example of a reservation mini-page summary.
  3. Click to open the Rental Agreement. 
  4. Click to open the Event Details page where you can Edit or Delete. 

Rental Scheduler, Open Rental Agreement.png

What's Next

After completing a Rental Reservation the next step is to learn How to Complete a Rental Agreement