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Restricted Pick List Error


In this scenario, I received an error on an Invalid or Null for Restricted Picklist of Won on the Disposition object. Sales Dispositions keep the status of the Deal and the status of the Sales Up in sync with values that you determine. In this case, we will need to check the Picklist values on the Sales up to make sure the values are available for all Record Types.
Click path:
Set Up>Object Manager>Sales Up>Record Types.

The Sales Up has three record types you will have to check all Record Types to make sure the values are available. Click on one of the Record Types.
Sales Up record Type
When selecting one of the Record Types will display the Available Picklist for Editing, in this case, we will select Edit next to the Disposition.
Edit Record Type pick list

The Available Values are not selected for this Record Type, Select all and add them to the Selected Values field. Complete this process in all Record Types on the Sales Up.
Disposition Sales Up picklist values

These values will be available and will 


Complete this process in all Record Types on the Sales Up.



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