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Sales Department

Sales Department
This guide has information to get your sales team up and running. Learn how to maximize the results of your customer relationships with a true enterprise software. From floor traffic to internet lead management (ILM), find articles and videos to help work all interactions within a dealership. Capture customer information, create Sales Ups, schedule follow up, track the sales process, write car deals, and measure your teams efficiency through real-time reporting and analytics.

Follow the Sales Consultant learning path  

Sales Consultant
Find a collection of articles that pertain to the specific role and skill set of a Sales Consultant.
Pages: 10
  • The Sales Up and Working Prospects
    This feature has the need-to-know steps when working a prospect/sales up. Learn when to create new prospects, how to add desired vehicles, track the sales process, schedule follow up tasks, and log a contact.
  • Create a New Sales Up
    When prospecting a customer learn how to create a new sales up.
  • Select the Source on a Sales Up
    Capture what source drove the customer to your dealership. Was it a referral, repeat customer, internet search, or printed ad?  Over a period of time a dealership can measure how well advertising dollars are being converted into traffic.
  • Add a Desired Vehicle
    Add a Desired Vehicle to a Sales Up to track the vehicles of interest on a potential transaction.
  • Add a Trade-In to a Sales Up
    Add a Trade In to a Sales Up by adding the VIN and decoding it to complete the vehicle equipment.
  • Tasks vs Events
    Learn the difference between a Task and an Event.
  • Schedule Appointments
    Learn the best practice when scheduling sales appointments.
  • Schedule a Follow-up Task
    Schedule follow-up tasks and keep an active work plan. Set reminders and keep track of important details. Eliminate the chance of forgetting a valuable customer.
  • Completing Tasks From the Home Page
    Learn how to use the hover feature when closing task and logging a contact from your home page.
  • Log a Contact
    Gain coverage over completed tasks and keep important details saved in a conversation thread when logging your contacts.