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Vehicle Inventory Introduction

What is the Vehicle Inventory? 

Vehicle Inventory is a detailed list of the entire stock of vehicles including new, used, demos and rentals. Some details include make, model, mileage, sale price, cost, additional equipment and status.

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Why Use the Vehicle Inventory?

Use Vehicle Inventory to track specific data of vehicles. Relay accurate live updates of features, additional equipment and general information between management teams. Push vehicle inventory records directly to your company website and lead providing inventory sites with uploaded photos and custom comments. Print a vehicle brochure directly from Vehicle inventory. Track vehicle's status such as on-lot, recon, paint and retail ready.

When to Add a Vehicle?

Add a vehicle when you get new inventory, dealer trades, program cars or auction cars in stock. You want to have a complete summary of all inventory. Trade-ins are automatically put into your vehicle inventory when a deal is closed.

How to Add a Vehicle?

From the vehicle inventory screen click New. Select a record type and click Next. Enter the Vehicle Identification Number and press Next. Select model trim and click Next. Click the Save button to finish adding a vehicle.

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