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Sales Up Introduction

What is a Sales Up?

The Sales Up record captures information about a potential customer who shows interest. Some sales ups details include contact information, analysis of customer needs, desired vehicle, possible trade-ins, finance options, lead status and lead source.

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Why Create a Sales Up?

As a sales consultant you can create a Sales Up to assign ownership of customers and gain documented protection. Record the occurrence of follow-up methods used to reach out such as phone, email or scheduled meetings. Track the progress of the sale by keeping the Status field updated.

Sales managers will use sales ups to monitor the progress of a sales life cycle from beginning to end. Use the Status field to understand how effective your sales team is at converting leads into deals. Use the Source field to measure the efficiency of advertisement campaigns based on how customers are finding their way to the dealership.

When to Make a Sales Up?

Create sales ups when potential customers present themselves. Ideal times to create new Sales Ups include customer walk ins, phone and email inquires. Sales ups are also created automatically through DealerTeam's Auto-lead Data Format (ADF) lead handler.

How to Create a Sales Up?

From the sales up screen start by clicking New. Fill out as much information as possible, * indicate required fields. When complete click next. Select the record type and click the Create Sales Up button to finish the creation process.

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