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Appraisal Introduction

What Is an Appraisal? 

Appraisals assess the actual cash value (ACV) of trade-in or curb purchase vehicles.

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Why Create an Appraisal?

Creating an appraisal on a Sales Up automatically enters ACV of a trade-in on a Deal. This reduces repetitive data entry and keeps consist prices throughout the trade-in process.  Add reconditioning expenses to the appraisal while simultaneously creating a service estimate helping service department get the vehicle retail ready if the trade-in is completed. 

When to Create an Appraisal?

Create an Appraisal when a customer brings a vehicle for trade-in or curb purchase. 

How to Add an Appraisal on a Sales Up?

From an open Sales Up click the Start Appraisal button. Enter the VIN and click the Decode VIN button. Enter the values under the Appraisal/Valuation section and click Save.

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