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Introduction to the Conversion field


The Conversion look-up field is used to relate a Parts Kit installed on a vehicle chassis, or to select the Parts Kit on an equipment only Sales Up. Either way, the Conversion field is used to communicate what equipment is sold on a Deal.


After reading this article you will better understand the Conversion field and know how it functions. The main purpose of the Conversion field is to look-up a Parts Kit and relate the conversion to another object, or in simple terms another record, prior to being added to a Deal. The Conversion field can be found on multiple objects including:   

  • Vehicle Inventory
  • Service Vehicle
  • Sales Up 
  • Desired Vehicle 
  • Deal 


Note: The Conversion field is not Standard on all page layouts so field placement may differ on record details 


  • however, when a Vehicle Inventory record with Conversion is added to a Sales Up, the conversion field on the Sales Up can be used to add a different conversion on a Dealer Sale record type. This will introduce a second desired vehicle noting only the equipment desired by the affiliate dealer.     


Vehicle Inventory

The Vehicle Inventory record uses the Conversion field as a Parts Kit look-up to define or determine aftermarket equipment installed on the chassis.

Any value saved here will pre-populate the Conversion field on the Sales Up when a Stock # is added.  

Note: When a Conversion is scheduled to be installed on a vehicle chassis it can be changed on the Vehicle Inventory record until a date is set on the Scheduled Start-Conv field. After this date the Conversion will enter into production and cannot be changed.     



1 Conversion- vehicle inventory.png


Service Vehicle 

A Conversion look-up field creates a child relationship to the Vehicle Inventory record. The system enforces that the Conversion field set on the Service Vehicle is always in sync with the Conversion value set on the Vehicle Inventory record. It's not recommended that the Conversion field be updated from the Service Vehicle.  

Sales Up

The conversion field on a Sales Up is what directly influences the equipment sold on a Deal. 

When a Vehicle Inventory record with Conversion is added to a Sales Up, the value in the Conversion field will copy over to the Sales Up.  The auto-populated Conversion field can be changed for another parts kit from the Vehicle Inventory record if the field Start Scheduled - Conv date has not yet been assigned. 

If the Sales up is Equipment Only the Parts Kit selected in the Conversion field will be added to the Deal under the Equipment Tab as "selected" aftermarket equipment. 


2 Conversion- sup.png


Desired Vehicle

Changing the Conversion field on the Sales Up will add multiple Desired Vehicles. The Desired Vehicle use the conversion field to note what conversion is of interest or desired for purchase. 

  1. To view the Desired Vehicles click the Vehicle tab on the Sales Up.
  2. Click View All on Desired Vehicles.

4 Conversion- Desired Vehicles.png


The desired vehicles will display the original conversion of the Vehicle Inventory and the edited Sales Up conversion.

5 Conversion- Desired Vehicles.png


How the Conversion field impacts a Deal


Equipment Only

When the Conversion field is used on an equipment-only Sales Up the Deal will display the field value as Selected Equipment stored under the Equipment tab.


6 Conversion- Deal.png


Standard Deal

A Standard Deal looks for the Vehicle Chassis and Conversion added to the Sales Up. The pricing information for both chassis and conversion will pull from the Vehicle Inventory record and display the set values in the Deal Recap. When a Vehicle In-Stock has an installed Conversion there will be no selected equipment listed under the Equipment Tab on the Deal.