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Vehicle Image Editor

Learn how to use the Vehicle Image Editor to upload and edit photos to a vehicle inventory record. Drag around photos to rearrange the sequential order, crop, resize, and select what images get published to the database to be ready for the web.


First Step

From the Vehicle Inventory Tab, open a vehicle record to get started.

Vehicle Inventory Home Tab 

Second Step

Click on the Images & Media button 

Image and Media Button

Third Step

Drag and Drop files from your computer into the Upload Hot Spot, or use the Select Files link to upload images. Images will be cropped to a default aspect ratio of 16/9. Upon upload they will be available to edit and publish.    

Drag and Drop Files

Manage Inventory Images

Edit Image

Drag and Drop the images to change the order. This will also change the sequence order, as displayed in the fourth step.  


Fourth Step

The vehicle descriptionVehicle Record HyperLink  is a hyperlink. Click the link to navigate back to the inventory record and see the images saved in the Inventory Media related list. To rearrange the sequence numbers, open the editor and drag and drop the images in to the desired order. 

Inventory Media Related List