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Vehicle Image Editor for Lightning

Learn how to use the Vehicle Image Editor in Salesforce Lightning to upload and edit photos of your inventory. Drag photos around to rearrange their sequential order, crop, resize, and select what images get published to the database.


After completing this how-to add a Vehicle to the inventory and use the Vehicle Image Editor.

Attention, Users!

Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This module is designed for Lightning Experience.

Step One: Enter Vehicle Inventory

  1. Click App Launcher
  2. Enter Vehicle in the search bar. Keywords typed in the search bar will populate.
  3. Click Vehicle Inventory.

Create Buyers Guide for Lightning, App launcher.png

Step Two: Create New Vehicle Inventory Record or Edit Existing Record

To create a new Vehicle Inventory, click New. To edit an existing vehicle you will see a list of the vehicle inventory. Click on the desired vehicle inventory record (hyperlink in blue). 

Create Buyers Guide, Create New.png

Step Three: Add Images

  1. Click the dropdown icon.
  2. Click Images & Media

Create Buyers Guide, click images and media.png

Click Show Upload. A window will drop down to allow you to upload files.

Create Buyers Guide, slick show upload.png

Click Click Here to select files

Create Buyers Guide, click here to select files.png

  1. Select a file/photo.
  2. Click Open.
  3. To add another file/photo click Click Here to select files and repeat steps 1 and 2 

Create Buyers Guide, select a file.png

Step Four: Edit Images

  1. Click to return to the vehicle record
  2. Click Show Upload to show and hide the drag and drop upload hot spot
  3. Click the Publish All button to select all images to save to the vehicle record
  4. Click to delete image
  5. Click to edit image
  6. Click checkbox to publish the selected image


Vehicle Image Editor, Edit images 2.png


Note: "Publish" and Publish All" does not publish the images to your website. The publish check box saves the image to the vehicle record and become available for use upon action. There is no save button.


Click these buttons to use edit actions for the image 

  1. Move 
  2. Crop
  3. Zoom in
  4. Zoom out
  5. Rotate counterclockwise 
  6. Rotate clockwise
  7. Use a 4:3 ratio
  8. Use a 16:9 ratio
  9. Expand box
  10. Move crop box
  11. Click to overwrite the original copy
  12. Creates a new image. (Preferred option: this allows you to keep the first copy and create a new copy)

Vehicle Image Editor, Images 4.png

Step Five: Reorder images

Select an image, Drag and Drop the image to change the order. (From left to right, first and last). Select the second image and rearrange the image to the first image seen (1st image from the left).

What's Next

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