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Add a Vehicle to Inventory


Add and manage new and existing vehicle inventory. Find articles related to reconditioning, appraisals, vehicle image editor, and rentals.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to vehicle inventory screen
  • Add a vehicle to inventory


Attention Users,
Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Salesforce Classic.


Step One: Navigate to Vehicle Inventory

  1. Click the All tabs (+) icon.



  1. Click the Vehicle Inventory link.



Step Two: Add a Vehicle to Inventory

  1. Click New.



  1. Select the Record Type.
  2. Click Save.

2.2 2.3.png


  1. Enter the <VIN>.
  2. Click Next.

2.4 2.5.png


  1. After you fill out the record information click Save.