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Add a Vehicle to Inventory


Add and manage new and existing vehicle inventory. Find articles related to reconditioning, appraisals, vehicle image editor, and rentals.

After completing this how-to you will be able to add New and Used vehicles to the inventory. 

Step One: Record Type

Begin by selecting the Vehicle Inventory Tab and click the New button. Select the desired record type. 


Step Two: VIN Decoding

Then continue with VIN Decoding. Enter the VIN and click Next. Select the VIN style and select the right Model Trim Levels.  


Step Three: Stock Number and Optional Equipment

Create a Stock Number and include any additional information to the vehicle record.  The VIN Decode will list the engine and transmission, along with the installed equipment. Check off any optional equipment included with the vehicle and select the Equipment Verified check box (not required) if all items are present on the vehicle. 

Click Save when done. The system will direct you to the new vehicle record. 

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Vehicle Inventory Detail

Mobility Extension Subscribers: Add conversion information

If subscribed to the DealerTeam Mobility Extension conversion information may also get added to the Vehicle Inventory record. Choose the conversion Parts Kit and the description will automatically get added from that description. Add the conversion manufacturer and ramp information to complete.

Add conversion information

How to find a Vehicle Record


1.  From the Vehicle Inventory Tab, click the vehicle description link in the Recent Vehicle Inventory list. 

If the Vehicle is not displayed in recent items, select the desired list view and click Go! 

helpNote_icon.gif  NOTE: List Views use filters to display data. If you do not see the vehicle record you're looking for, make sure you selected the appropriate List View. 

2.  From the open List View, click the vehicle description link for the record you wish to view.



3. Use the Recent Items in the sidebar if the vehicle was one of the last 10 records you viewed. Click or hover over the vehicle description link. 

 From the hover display you can click View or Edit to access the record. 


4. Use the global search to enter the Stock# or VIN. Click search if the vehicle does not display under "My Recent Items" and find the Vehicle Inventory record in the          search results.  ​