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Add a Vehicle to Inventory using a Vehicle Order Number


Your Vehicle Inventory is a detailed list of vehicles including New, Used, Demos and Rentals. Record details include Make, Model, Mileage, Sale Price, Cost, Additional Equipment and Status. To create a Vehicle Inventory record you will need a Vehicle Identification Number or a Vehicle Order Number.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to Vehicle Inventory
  • Add a vehicle to inventory using a Vehicle Order Number (VON)


Step One: Navigate to Vehicle Inventory

  1. From the DealerTeam Sales App click the Vehicle Inventory tab located at the top on the navbar.

1 Add new VI with VON - navi.png


Step Two: Add the Vehicle to Inventory

  1. Click New.

Click New vehicle inventory button.png


  1. Select the Record Type.
  2. Click Next.

choose a vehicle record type.png



  1. Enter the Vehicle Order Number <VON> in the field.
  2. Click Skip VIN Decoding

Enter the VON and skip Vin decode.png


  1. Copy and paste the VON into the Stock # field. Otherwise the system will generate an error when the record is saved.   

copy and paste the VON into the Stock Number field.png


  1. Complete all the | required fields. Add additional information to create a detailed record and click Save to create the vehicle record.

Click Save to create the VON inventory record.png


After clicking you will be taken to the new Vehicle Inventory record.