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Appraisal Dashboards

Navigate the Appraisal Dashboard and use drop-down filters to quickly find saved appraisals.


Appraisals happen for just about every Trade-in and Curb Purchase. Learn how to use the Appraisal Dashboard to filter and find the exact results.  

First Step

Begin by selecting the All Tabs + and clicking Appraisal Dashboards.

open appraisals dashboard 

Second Step

Then continue by using the drop-down filters to set the search criteria. Use as many filters and parameters as needed to achieve the desired search results. 

set parameters of search using drop-down filters

Click Search the desired filters are set. The search results will display at the bottom of the page. To open an appraisal click View next to the VIN.  

displayed search results

To perform another search, use the Clear Fields button and reset the filters. The results at the bottom of the page will refresh when the Search button is clicked.